It can be difficult to understand how social security disability insurance (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI) disability benefits work. Oftentimes, only an experienced and hands-on disability attorney can clearly explain to a disabled person his or her entitlement.

People with disabilities who are eligible for social security must first apply for benefits to qualify for disability checks. Keep in mind, however, that filing for disability and qualifying for disability claims can be quite complicated.

 SSDI BenefitsSubject to specific qualifications, a claimant of retirement age or with a certain impairment (or impairments) may be eligible to receive disability benefits. Those with acquired medical conditions, depending on the type and severity, might also qualify for social security. An individual unable to work, or who became disabled and unable to return to work, may likewise proceed with applying for social security benefits. He or she may be entitled to social security disability benefits, depending on his or her work history.

Claimants applying for social security disability income (SSDI) can be recipients of additional benefits for their spouses and dependents. This will be the focus of this article, which you can discuss further with a trusted social security disability lawyer.

Who are qualified to get a disability benefit?

According to the Social Security Administration office, qualified dependents include:

  • Children of a person who is or has become disabled, before they are at age 18
  • A spouse at age 62, or one actively caring for children younger than 16
  • Exceptions and extensions approved by the Social Security Administration (SSA) office (Ex: a disabled who has or had a disabling illness or accident before age 18, who can receive dependent benefits until he or she is at age 22)

According to the SSA office, dependent beneficiaries are eligible for up to 50% of the SSDI benefits of the primary claimant. However, the total monthly income of all dependents must not exceed 180% of the original disability benefit. Take for example a person applying for disability benefits with a spouse and three minor children, that are all dependents. 

As with all disability cases, an SSDI application will be carefully scrutinized by the social security office. Disability attorneys can explain to you how to properly apply for disability and help you fill out forms necessary in actually applying for benefits.

Get a good social security disability attorney who will work closely with you, from initial filing to the waiting period. If you need to apply for social security benefits or if you have questions about social security in general, give us a call at E Orum Young.