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Louisiana Disability Claims and Appeals Attorney

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Having a permanent or long-term disability can hinder you from working and earning a living. Our social security disability attorneys at E. Orum Young Law understand that when you become disabled, injured, or ill, it can be devastating for you and your family, which is why we let our lawyers remove the burden of knowing the ins and outs of social security off your chest. We can evaluate your case to help determine if you are eligible to receive benefits. We’ll fight to get you the disability benefits you deserve!

Louisiana Social Security Disability Attorney


Being disabled and having little income and resources can be a scary experience. Our compassionate social security attorneys can help get you out of that situation by overseeing your application for supplemental security income or SSI cash benefits which will cover your monthly expenses for food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities. Consult our Louisiana social security disability attorney today to get more information and learn if you are eligible!

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Being denied social security benefits after your first application is not the end of the road for you. The decision can still be reversed once you go through the social security & disability appeals process. Our social security disability lawyers in Monroe, Louisiana, have extensive experience with clients going through the same situation and will help build a solid argument to support your claim.

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When your request for reconsideration gets denied and you don’t want to appear in a hearing, your disability attorney can represent you or draft a request to the Administrative Law Judge on your behalf. If you are in a similar situation, our Lousiana social security disability attorney can help you seek legal representation. Call our social security law firm based in Louisiana to learn more!

Social Security Disability & Supplemental Security Income Attorneys

Why hire E. Orum Young?

Having a disability can hinder you from working and earning a living, especially when the condition is deemed permanent or long-term. Filing a claim for social security disability insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can be the answer, but oftentimes is a more complicated and drawn-out process than you might expect.  There are potentially four (4) levels at which the Social Security Administration may hear your claim, all of which bring their own challenges–that is where we come in!

At E. Orum Young Law, we help make the process of claiming your well-deserved benefits smoother and less stressful. Our experienced social security disability attorneys have worked for years with clients just like you.  Call today for your free consultation and file social security disability now!

SSDI and SSI Overview

Both programs provide you with a sum of money if you meet the Social Security Administration’s eligibility guidelines.  The difference lies in the amount of money and the medical benefits tied to each program.

While SSI is not tied to your earning history, SSDI will depend on how much social security you’ve paid when you were working. For more information on which benefits you can apply for, speak with one of our Social Security Disability Lawyers.

While the approval ratings for each local SSA office vary, the vast majority of initial applications are unfortunately denied alleging you do not meet their medical standards.  This is often an undeserved and frustrating decision, especially when your condition actually does prevent you from working.

Our office can help guide you through the various stages within the SSDI/SSI process to boost your chances of qualifying.  You will not be charged ANY fees from our office if we do not help you win your case, so it is in both of our best interests to fight diligently for your approval.

  • Cash payments – the amount you can expect to receive each month will depend on your average lifetime earnings before the disability began. It will not be influenced by the severity of your disability. Depending on whether you draw SSDI or SSI, the amount you receive may be different if you are married, or if your state supplements payment, and if you have any source of income. Deductions in the amount can also be expected for any month in which you had a record of outstanding warrants of arrest for any of these felonies: avoiding prosecution or confinement, escaping custody, flight-escape, probation violation, or parole violations.
  • Medical insurance – if you are already receiving disability insurance, claiming insurance or Medicare is an added benefit that you become eligible for after you’ve received 24 monthly payouts, or Medicaid for SSI recipients.

The Social Security Disability Insurance is a program administered by the Social Security Administration. The SSA is the U.S. federal government’s principal agency handling social security programs which are also known as the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program. The OASDI provides citizens benefits to those who are retired, survivors, or disabled. It is considered one of the largest government programs in the world and accounts for a big portion of the federal budget.

The program is being funded through payroll taxes known as the FICA tax or Federal Insurance Contributions Act. In essence, if you have been faithfully paying your taxes while still employed, then you may consider those as your “insurance premiums” paid monthly, and SSD as your benefits. 

Visit our Adult and Child Listing of Impairments page to learn more. If your disability is not on the list, you may still be able to get the benefits you need by speaking with our social security attorneys.

You will be screened by the Social Security Administration to determine if you qualify for any of their aid programs. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your application, you may go through different stages of applying for disability benefits.  It is recommended that you apply for both SSDI and SSI benefits at the beginning, as both have the same medical standards.

For a step-by-step guide on Social Security application, visit our Apply for Benefits page.

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Hiring the services of an experienced social security disability attorney, like those from E. Orum Young Law gives you the following benefits:

Free case evaluation. The very first question that pops into your mind is “Am I eligible?”. E. Orum Young Law understands that when you become disabled, injured, or ill, it greatly affects your financial stability and can be devastating, which is why we let our lawyers remove the burden of knowing the ins and outs of social security off your chest.

Assistance in Filing. Our attorney will help you complete the necessary paperwork. There is a long list of information you need to provide and documents you need to show before the SSA can declare you as an eligible claimant. Don’t let a missing document be the reason for not getting your claim!

Boost your chances of success. This is true whether you are applying for the first time, the second time, or appealing a denied claim.

E. Orum Young Law welcomes the opportunity to discuss your case with us. You may fill out our contact form by clicking the button or call us, chat with our representatives. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today and start filing or appealing your social security benefits today!

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