Did you know that you can concurrently apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)? As long as you are qualified under both programs, you may be eligible to receive SSDI benefits while receiving SSI payments. But you may also ask, do you need a social security attorney to file a claim? While claiming your benefits can be done without an attorney, you can greatly increase the chances of having your claim approved if you decide to hire one.

Below we share some of the advantages of hiring the services of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney, like E. Orum Young Law:

Disability lawyers can give you a free case evaluation.

The very first question that pops into your mind is “Am I eligible?”. Often, this can be answered by conducting a quick Google search, visiting the SSA website, or talking with your friends and family who are recipients of the benefits you also want to have. E. Orum Young Law understands that when you become disabled, injured, or ill, it greatly affects your financial stability and can be devastating, which is why we let our lawyers remove the burden of knowing the ins and outs of social security off your chest.

An attorney will help you complete the necessary paperwork.

As seen in the sections above, there is a long list of information you need to provide and documents you need to show before the SSA can declare you as an eligible claimant. Just missing out on one of these can be the reason for getting your claim denied. 

Getting a lawyer can boost your chances of receiving your disability benefits.

This is true whether you are applying for the first time, the second time, or appealing a denied claim. 

A disability attorney assists in the appeals process.

Since the majority of initial applications get rejected, a legal representative by your side is a valuable resource when drafting your request for reconsideration, and when you attend hearings should you be at a much further level of the appeal process

Orum Young Law welcomes the opportunity to discuss your case with us. You may fill out our contact form, or call us over the phone, once you are ready to start filing your disability claim.