The application process involved when filing for disability benefits can be quite complex. Individuals with disabilities are asked to fill out paperwork and meet several disability requirements. An experienced disability attorney is instrumental when applying for social security. The services of a trusted disability law firm can help you with the application process and apply for social security minus the stress.

Scores of disabled people file for disability benefits through the Social Security Office. Since social security disability benefits are quite significant in value, all disability claims are carefully evaluated. Furthermore, as disability law is quite specific, qualifying, and claiming disability benefits can be tedious and complicated. As such, contacting reliable disability lawyers for legal assistance early on is crucial.

Disability PaymentsNo two disability cases are the same. Aside from age, having specific medical conditions or impairments may be considered when applying for disability benefits. If an incident made a person disabled and, consequently, unable to work or return to work as before, he or she could also be entitled to certain social security benefits. Reaching retirement age, of course, is a common factor why people apply for disability benefits. One’s age and work history, the nature and severity of the medical condition or impairment (if any), and whether or not the disabled person made social security payments will determine who can apply for benefits and who qualifies for what specific disability payment.

People with disabilities must first meet the qualifications and disability criteria set by the Social Security Administration. A successful claimant could be entitled to disability payments under either social security disability insurance (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI). The disability program and specific disability benefits that could be received will depend on his or her unique circumstances.

Under social security law, even if you may start receiving benefits while working, your monthly income could lower the amount of your social security claim. Only if you have reached full retirement age will you be qualified to collect 100% or the full maximum benefit allowed given your earnings history.

Before you reach full retirement age and if you still ‘work’ to a certain extent, the Social Security Office will not consider you as retired. This means that if your total earnings go beyond the set limit, they will be deducting a portion of your social security benefits. Only when you reach full retirement age can you get the full benefits regardless of how much you earn from working.

The earnings limit is annually adjusted following national wage trends. In 2020, $1 in benefits is lost for every $2 earned beyond $18,240. This means that if a part-time job pays a total of $25,000 a year, which is $6,760 beyond the limit, a total of $3,380 will be deducted from your social security benefits.

Calculations for the earnings limit are based on a wage earner’s gross pay. If an individual is self-employed, the Social Security Office will look into his or her net income. Income from pensions, investments, capital gains, or annuities is not counted. In these cases, you will need an attorney not only in submitting disability benefits forms but in exploring your options. Contacting competent disability attorneys before proceeding will ensure that you get the most out of your disability application.

If social security payments have been reduced because of the earnings limit, beneficiaries receiving disability benefits on your work record would face payment reductions as well. Such would also apply to the income of people working with spousal or survivor benefits entitlement. A reliable social security disability lawyer can discuss this in more detail.

When applying for SSI or SSDI benefits, get a disability benefits lawyer who can help you on how to file and get paid social security benefits through your disability claim.

For questions on disability programs or social security information in general, get a social security attorney from a trusted law firm. Call us at E Orum Young to consult with a professional social security lawyer.