Applying for SSI Benefits

SSI Award Letter

For some people, applying to your local Social Security Office can be daunting. This is particularly true given the complicated nature of filings for social security disability insurance (SSDI benefits) or supplemental security income (SSI benefits). Both SSDI disability payments and SSI disability benefits are under the Social Security Administration (SSA) but they differ in many ways.

The disability criteria that determine who qualifies can be confusing, and the actual disability application process can be tedious given all the forms and paperwork involved. As such, if you are planning to apply for social security benefits, first consult with someone knowledgeable with relevant social security law. Get in touch with a trusted Monroe social security attorney who can explain the actual process of qualifying and applying for benefits. In itself, becoming disabled is never easy. Getting legal advice from professionals will spare you from additional stress.

What this article will focus on are SSI disability benefits.  Specifically, it will cover the following:

What You Need to Know About SSI Disability Payments

In any disability program, claimants may receive certain benefits only if there is sufficient proof and documentation that they are or have become disabled. In certain disability programs, however, the requirements for eligibility and the benefits that a disabled person is entitled to receive are very specific. To be eligible for disability payment under SSDI, for example, a person who is disabled must first meet the Social Security payments and work history requirements.

Fortunately, individuals filing for disability claims under the SSI program are not required to have a certain work record. There are, however, SSI financial need requirements that must be taken into account. For a financially needy claimant to be eligible for SSI payments, the need-based income criteria must be met. These can be quite stringent, since a cap for the total amount that an individual or a married couple can have, both in cash and in bank accounts, has been set by the administration. An experienced Monroe disability lawyer can explain this in more detail.

What You Can See in the SSI Award Letter That You Will Receive

If your initial social security disability benefits claim is accepted and approved, expect to receive an award letter confirming that you have qualified for SSI disability payments.

Following the usual time frame, you are to receive the letter within three months after your application. However, this can vary due to the heavy volume of cases the Social Security Administration is processing regularly. Due to the nature of the disability system, timelines are very difficult. In fact, in a certain percentage of cases, the claimant will find that benefits have been deposited to his or her checking account even before receiving the award letter. Additionally, due to backlogs at payment processing centers, the wait time may seem inordinately long.

The letter will answer most of the benefit payment questions that disability claimants may have. It contains information regarding the date from which you will be entitled to collect disability payments and the amount of your Social Security disability benefits (to be received in set monthly payments). The letter also includes when these payments are meant to begin and the day of the month when you should expect the monthly benefits.

If it is applicable, the award letter will also include the amount to be received in past due to benefits (back pay) and the date that the check for past-due to benefits will be sent.

The Need for Monroe Social Security Attorneys When Claiming Disability Payments

If you are trying to qualify for social security benefits, it is important to know why SSI is preferred by some disabled people. Others would argue that since it takes into account previous monthly income, receiving benefits through the SSDI disability program is more ideal for high-income earners. Disabled individuals with a relatively low income, however, would often prefer the ‘fixed’ SSI disability benefit. Add to this the fact that people with disabilities who qualify for SSI are automatically eligible for Medicaid, which can be more ideal than Medicare healthcare coverage.

If you or any of your family members have a disability or recently became disabled, call our Monroe disability law firm. Filing for social security disability benefits is not easy, but there is a higher chance that things would go more smoothly if you have the right people working with you. Consult with our reliable Monroe social security disability attorneys at E Orum Young for legal advice on SSI disability requirements and filing a social security claim. Give us a call and talk to a professional who can help you with your application for social security benefits.