Each month, the social security office receives numerous filings for social security disability insurance (SSDI) and supplemental security income (SSI). Generally, everyone who qualifies and meets the criteria may apply for social security benefits. A social security attorney can explain how qualifying and applying for benefits works vis-à-vis the application process.

Individuals with disabilities are generally entitled to apply for benefits and are eligible to receive disability checks. Depending on the severity, individuals with acquired medical conditions or impairments may qualify for social security benefits. Employed people who have become disabled and are unable to return-to-work may also try applying for disability benefits.

A legal professional can further explain to you the disability criteria and qualifications for SSDI or SSI benefits. These are serious matters, so you need someone who is knowledgeable about the entire process. Read on to know when you should hire a disability lawyer for your social security claim. 

SSDI and SSI If you believe you qualify or may be eligible for social security and are considering filing a disability claim, it is best to seek professional legal advice. If you do decide to file for disability, contact an attorney as soon as you can. Experienced disability attorneys can evaluate your disability application with the social security office. Availing legal assistance programs from a trusted law firm will ensure that paperwork for disability claims is done correctly.

  • For disability cases on appeal

If you opted to file for disability on your own and was given a denial, it is not too late to choose from top-notch social security disability attorneys. Your disability attorney will help you with the appeals process. He or she will work with you during your disability appeal, including reconsideration, hearings, and, review by the Appeals Council.

Social security disability lawyers will help you gather medical evidence and talk with your doctor or other professionals regarding your medical condition. He or she will also discuss questions on your medical disability that may be asked during the hearing and explore options to advocate your case with the social security office.

  • For other  circumstances

Aside from helping you fill-out forms and discussing your case further during the waiting period, your lawyer will assist you as you apply for disability. Avail of the services of social security disability lawyers if you need someone to:

  • Answer any questions and address concerns related to your application for social security
  • Help fill-out and file your initial SSDI (or SSI) application to the social security office
  • Develop a theory of disability that will help advocate your disability status
  • Assist you in getting medical records, documentation, and other information supporting your medical eligibility
  • Represent you legally during interviews, conferences, or hearings related to your application for disability benefits
  • Create briefs supporting what you filed with the social security office
  • Request appeals for your social security disability benefits request, if necessary

Disability lawyers represent not only disabled workers but disabled people in general. If you have a disability or recently became disabled and unable to work, contact us at Orum Young Law.. Our law firm specializes in social security disability insurance (SSDI) and supplemental security income (SSI) cases. If you are filing for social security disability or if you have questions about social security in general, give us a call right now.