The differences between social security disability insurance (SSDI) and supplemental security income (SSI) disability benefits can be quite difficult to comprehend. Loads of people file for disability benefits at the social security office every year. However, social security law is broad and can be misunderstood. This is why it is important to consult with a trusted Monroe social security disability attorney. He or she can explain what social security disability benefits an individual is entitled to.

What this article will focus on are SSDI disability benefits for the spouses of beneficiaries. Specifically, it will cover the following:

  1. Who can apply for a social security disability claim
  2. Filing for disability insurance and spousal benefits
  3. The need a reliable Monroe social security benefits lawyer


Who can proceed with a social security disability application?

monroe social security disability lawyerPeople with disabilities may generally try to apply for benefits and disability checks. Depending on the severity, individuals with certain impairments or acquired medical conditions may also try to qualify for social security benefits. Disabled individuals who are or have become unable to work or return to work may likewise consider applying for disability benefits. Entitlement for a disabled person often comes with age, a specific medical condition or impairment, and one’s work history. However, qualifying for disability claims is not simple. 

If you think you or a family member might be qualified and eligible for social security, get legal counsel from a trusted disability law expert. A hands-on Monroe social security disability lawyer can explain to you the qualifications and how to file a disability claim.


Social Security Disability Insurance and Spousal Benefits

It is believed that disability has an impact on meeting the financial needs not only of an individual but of an entire family. As such, a claimant’s spouse may qualify for and be entitled to receive spousal disability benefits. Below are the disability criteria and requirements set by the Social Security Administration:

  • Your spouse has been married to you for more than one year
  • He or she is 62 years old or more when you start receiving benefits unless an early retirement penalty is paid
  • He or she is caring for a child who is younger than 16 years old
  • He or she has parental control and responsibility for a disabled child who receives social security benefits (this is regardless of the child’s age, but the disability must have been diagnosed before the child turned 22 years old)

Spousal benefits often amount to half your disability benefit. There is, however, a maximum amount of disability payments for a family. This is why it is advisable to get the legal services of an experienced disability lawyer when applying for SSDI benefits. You will need an attorney who can explain the nuances of receiving benefits and can help as you work on your social security claim.


The Need for a Reliable Local Attorney

Aside from helping with the disability application paperwork that must be submitted to the social security office, disability attorneys can help in several other ways.

For one, they can look closely into the details of the case and help claimants ensure that they are correctly filing a disability claim. It is important to keep in mind that each disability claim is unique. For instance, in the case of medical disability, social security disability lawyers can speak to your doctor regarding your medical condition and assist in requesting medical records. When necessary, he or she can make proper use of medical evidence to effectively advocate your case.

More than helping you fill out forms necessary when you apply for disability, your social security attorney can explain to you how your circumstances can affect the actual social security benefits you may be entitled to receive. Applying for benefits can take some time, and a professional social security disability attorney will stay connected even during the waiting period.

If you are planning to apply for social security or have questions on the application process for SSDI spousal benefit, give us a call. No two disability cases are alike, and each SSDI application is scrutinized and evaluated very carefully. If you are applying for social security, regardless of the form, get the services of a trusted disability law firm. Contact us at E Orum Young and consult with a trusted Monroe social security disability attorney.