Louisiana grants benefits from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to people that have disabilities, physical, mental, or medical, that hinder their ability to work. The Social Security Administration (SSA) administers both the SSDI benefits and SSI benefits but in Louisiana, a separate agency will decide if you are qualified such as medical eligibility before they can start the process.

What Constitutes Disability and Impairment?

Disability is defined as the inability to perform substantial activities due to mental disorder or other medical disability which can last for more than 1 year or which can result in death. An impaired person is someone with physical or mental impairment due to his psychological, physiological, or anatomical abnormality, proven by laboratory and clinical diagnosis.

Applying for Disability Benefits

Louisiana has a Disability Determination Services (DDS), an agency run by the state and they will be the one who will be reviewing your disability application as well as the submitted medical records and disability status to decide whether or not you are disabled.  When you file for SSDI or SSI disability benefits and you qualify, Social Security will forward your application to DDS.

Who can Qualify for Disability Benefits?

Disability Benefits in Louisiana Under the Social Security Act, those who can qualify for disability benefits are:

  • Disabled adult
  • Child disability
  •  Insured disabled workers under 65 years old
  • Children that became disabled before 22 years old with deceased insured parents or those qualified for retirement benefits.
  • Disabled widows or widowers between 50 to 60 years old with Social Security Insurance.

What is the Process for Disability Application in Louisiana?

The application process can be done by appealing in person, applying for benefits online, or through phone but generally, the steps are:

  1.  Answer all the necessary information included in the Adult Disability Checklist
  2. Fill out and submit the application
  3. Wait for the SSA to review the application
  4. The SSA will check the years of work if there is enough to be eligible
  5.  The SSA office will process the application and move it to the DDS in Louisiana
  6. Wait for the decision of the DDS

What are the Documents you need?

The following documents are needed for you to be eligible:

  • Personal information
  • Medical records
  • Work information
  • Birth certificate or other proof of birth
  • U.S. Citizenship or lawful alien status if you are born outside the United States
  • U.S. military discharge papers for those who made military service before 1968
  • Tax returns from the prior year
  • Proof of other types of benefits you received

Can you still Work despite receiving Benefits?

Yes. It is possible to still work while receiving benefits because the Social Security Acts protects your medicare coverage and rights to cash benefits. It is under work incentives and allows you to:

  • Receive continued cash benefits
  • Get help with medical bills
  • Get help with work expenses
  • Get support for vocational training

Finding a Disability Lawyer in Louisiana

Having a disability attorney in Louisiana is significantly beneficial in a disability appeal due to the large chance of being denied benefits despite their disability claims. Disability lawyers in Louisiana that specialize in Social Security Law will greatly increase the chances of winning the case. We at E. Orum Young Law will help you get your federal disability benefits as well as assist you in the appeals counsel, appeals process, and represent you in federal court. Call us now for a free legal consultation