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The Social Security Act provides a strict definition of a qualifying disability. The applicant’s responsibility here is to meet the definition by providing evidence, such as medical records that illustrate your conditions. While this may seem simple, the reality is that it is not. Many have struggled to get their application approved by the Social Security Administration.

So if ever you plan to apply for a social security disability benefit, you should consult with our experienced Louisiana attorney to ensure that you follow the correct process.

Social Security Disability Benefits

social security lawyer near meUnder the Social Security Act, there are two programs dedicated to qualified disabled individuals: (1) Social Security Disability Insurance and (2) Supplemental Security Income. Both programs serve different purposes, but it mainly helps alleviate the conditions of disabled individuals through cash assistance. 

SSDI is designed for those who have contributed to the Social Security trust fund by paying Social Security taxes on their salaries. The applicant’s disability and work credit determine his or her admission to this program. Hence, this program benefits “insured” individuals and their families (only those who are qualified). 

SSI, on the other hand, is intended for persons with limited income and resources. Age, disability, income, and resources all play a role in one’s admission to the program. It gives monetary assistance to qualifying persons to help meet their basic needs in living, such as food, clothing, and shelter.

Why do I need a Social Security Lawyer in Louisiana?

It is no secret that applying for social security benefits is a difficult procedure. Some people have difficulty proving that they have a disability or do not meet certain requirements. It is also no secret that some who apply for such programs mostly depend on it as their source of living since some are unable to find or perform work. With this being said, this shows how important getting their application approved.

In Louisiana, the approval rate for the initial applications is higher than that of the national rate. Although Louisiana’s approval rate has improved throughout the years, it remains below the mid-range proportion. This means that more than half of all applicants per year are rejected at the initial applications. 

This may be scary to think, but by enlisting the assistance of a Louisiana social security lawyer near me, you can increase your chances of having your application approved.

Of course, we understand that you are still hesitant to hire one at this point. You want to assess if hiring a lawyer would benefit you. So, to better illustrate the need for a lawyer, let us examine the benefits and disadvantages of hiring one.


Higher chances of being approved.

In most cases, your application may be denied due to the following reasons:

  • You do not have a low income or assets.
  • Your disability does not meet the SSA’s narrow definition of disability, like the duration of your condition.
  • You have been convicted of a crime.
  • You committed fraud in your application.
  • Your unwillingness to cooperate with the Social Security Administration

These are simply the common reasons why one’s application gets denied. So, if you want to avoid these reasons, consider getting help from a Louisiana disability attorney who will ensure that you get legal advice and assistance.

Can effectively guide you throughout the process.

The application process is a bit complicated and sometimes confusing. The application process consists of three stages, namely:

  • Initial application
  • Reconsideration
  • The hearing

Each stage has its own set of dilemmas that you have to overcome, such as assessing your eligibility, gathering proof, or arguing in front of an Administrative Law Judge why your current circumstances meet the Social Security Administration’s qualifications.

With a lawyer at your side, you will not have to worry about how to approach these problems because a lawyer can counsel you every step of the way. Also, they can represent you in a hearing, collect and submit evidence, cross-examine relevant witnesses, and more. Luckily for you, our Louisiana law office offers these kinds of legal assistance and more.

Can help file an appeal if your application is denied.

When your application is denied, you have a chance to appeal it. However, keep in mind that you will have to be more persuasive in establishing that you are eligible for social security disability benefits. To do so, you have to provide more evidence to back up your claim. 

As lawyers, they understand what documents are needed to persuade the SSA to approve your petition. They understand how to manage and organize the facts of your case in order to demonstrate your eligibility. Those with experience are adept at conveying your argument in front of a court since they have been in front of a judge before.

Don’t squander this opportunity to get your application approved. Make sure to secure your future by securing our experienced social security lawyer near Louisiana!


You will have to pay legal fees.

The only downside to hiring an attorney is the possibility of paying legal fees. Of course, you may be hesitant since you don’t have enough resources to pay them. But, it is important to understand that the Social Security Association determines the rate you must pay and that you are only charged if your case is successful. So, if you consider everything, both positives and negatives, hiring an attorney is preferable to not having one.

What Can Louisiana Social Security Lawyer from E.Orum Young Law Offer?

As a law office, we have always committed to only giving the best to our clients – from legal advice to representing them in front of the court. As such, we offer the following services in your SSDI or SSI application:

  • Free case evaluation 
  • Provide a step-by-step guide on your application process
  • Assist you in filling out the papers and gathering the required documents
  • Draft and file appeals
  • Legal representation in front of an Administrative Law Judge
  • and even more!

These are just only among the few that we offer. Call us today to explore how our services can significantly impact the success of your application.

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The concerns raised above can be avoided if you choose a lawyer with extensive knowledge in the subject of Social Security benefits. Our disability attorney is here to help you safeguard your future.

It’s time to stop stressing over where, when, and how to begin your disability application. Make an appointment with us now for a free case evaluation!

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